People staying at home and looking for ways that they can make or save a little bit of extra money and this is especially true when there are hungry mouths to feed.

For many parents, who stay at home to look after the owners of said hungry mouths, saving and particularly making money can be a bit of a battle.

Whether you’re at home with kids, between jobs or just need some cash, there is money to be made and saved online. With a little bit of research and time, you could be making money from multiple avenues. Here’s how:

6 Ultimate Ways You Can Make And Save Money Staying At Home

1# Turn Spare Space Into Money

I’m willing to bet there’s a room, a shed or a basement in your home that’s rarely used. Yes, it might be full of stuff, but when was the last time you used that stuff, let alone the room?

What if you could use that space to make you money? In our crowded cities, space is becoming a valuable asset. Spacer, a community sharing marketplace, helps you take advantage of this by allowing you to rent out your spare space to people looking for storage space.

The best part about is that the spare bit of space can act as a passive income for you and you can continue to make money off of it without incurring any losses yourself.

Alternatively, if you’re one to use a storage unit, you could potentially save a stack of money by finding a storage solution in your local area with Spacer.

2# Save Money Reviewing Your Loans

For most people, loans are simply a reminder of a large amount of money that they owe. It can feel better just to pay the repayments and try to forget about it.

However, loans can change and the smallest change in interest rates or repayment amounts can add or save you thousands over the lifetime of a loan.

Reviewing your home loan regularly is a simple way for saving a huge chunk of money. It’s important to shop around and use sites like RateCity, which let you compare savings and repayments at the click of a button. Always compare deals to see where you can save.

 3# Plan To Save

Meal planning isn’t reserved for gym fanatics. Meal planning can help to save you a decent chunk of money every week. Takeaway dinners and cafe brunches are super tempting but they’re not great for our wallets, or our waistlines.

Embrace planning, persistence and self-control. Head to the supermarket and bulk buy your favorite vegetables and protein and take the time to prepare some meals. With some proper planning, you could be dishing out each serving for under $2!

4# Share Your Wardrobe And Make Money

Sharing your wardrobe is the future! A dress that isn’t getting the love it deserves is better off making you money and getting worn. If you just can’t find the occasion to wear that beautiful dress, rent it out.

The Volte lets you list your dress or other items of clothing for others to rent. Simply take some photos, upload them and wait for the request. Don’t worry; you have control over who gets your items. If someone has a bad history, you can deny them. Once it’s all approved, send them the clothes, and they send them back. Easy!

5# Use Your Talents To Make Money

The internet has helped make remote work, or working from home, possible and it’s slowly becoming a popular option for companies looking to outsource certain tasks.

There’s a whole range of jobs companies are outsourcing to professionals who work from home, from writing to data entry and virtual assistance. Check out sites like Upwork to find jobs you can take on from anywhere.

Alternatively, if you’re particularly good at a musical instrument, a language, or a subject taught in schools you could try your hand at tutoring. It might take some time to build up your number of students but if you provide good lessons and have several students, tutoring can be surprisingly lucrative.

6# Pet Sitting

People going on holidays hate to leave their pets behind and it can be hard for them to know where to leave their pets.

There are heaps of boarding kennels but the thought of leaving a puppy behind in a strange place with other animals can be hard. If you love dogs, cats, or any household pet, you can offer a pet sitting service.

Families are much happier to leave their pet with someone who can care, pet, feed and walk their animal. Put notices up at your local vet or do a good old-fashioned letterbox drop.

The internet and sharing marketplaces have made it much more convenient and simple for anyone to make additional income and save valuable dollars all from home.

Follow these options to make and save money staying at home.

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