_2014-05-20_01-50-05Stick Notes are very helpful to remember “things to do” in day today life. We all are so busy in our work and other activities that we forgot small-2 urgent thinks such as paying bills of credit card, broadband bills, phone bills, Grocery, Birthday wishes, urgent phone calls etc…Sticky note will help us to keep a note of all the important things in the form of small notes on our desktop or laptop screen.

Use sticky note and save paper.

It gets installed with windows operating system. Following below steps to launch sticky notes. You can
Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Sticky Notes


Enter your Text such as “Call Customer for clarification”


How to use sticky notes in windows 7 - Microsoft Word_2014-05-10_17-46-34

Few basic operations you can perform on sticky notes:

Format the text, such as Ctrl + B for Bold, Ctrl + I for Italic etc.

Once done click somewhere on Desktop outside sticky note.

Change color of note by right clicking.

To add new note just click “+” icon on top right corner of Note.

To delete a note you just need to click on close.

You can also use sticky note desktop software such as 7stickynotes which has lot of other advanced features with lot of customization.


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