Earlier we have discussed about different way to generate passive income online.

Summer is just around the corner, and for college students, this is a chance to unwind and hang out. However, it is also a golden opportunity to make some serious money so you can stock up on more than ramen when it’s time to get back to the grind. Today we will share summer jobs for college students.

Summer jobs are aplenty, and more students are making the practical decision to spend part of their vacations making money. With most students averaging $32,300 in student loans, they can put the extra money to good use. Here are some of the best high-paying summer jobs for college students.

Summer jobs for college students

1# Virtual assistant

Hourly pay: $16.07
Skills required: Knowledge in social media, email, texting, scheduling apps (which is pretty much all college students)

With the average college student spending as much as 4 hours a day online during school days, it is not a stretch to believe they may spend far more time online during summer vacation.

A virtual assistant position would be the ideal gig, since the tasks they have to perform use tools with which most student are already familiar. You can work a flexible schedule for as few as 2 hours a day, so it may even be something you can continue to do beyond summer vacation.

2# Content writer

Hourly pay: $16.53
Skills required: Good grammar, research chops, eye for fine details

Writing gigs tend to be on a freelance basis, and the work ranges from a research proposal to social media posts. There is a lot of leeway when it comes to writing work, and you can choose to do just editing and proofreading if that’s more your thing, and they all pay quite well.

Some companies do offer part-time work on an hourly basis, but if you work fast, you can make more on a piecemeal basis, for which there are many takers out there.  Again, this is a job you can continue to do after vacation, and freelance gigs won’t even disrupt your regular schedule.

3# Construction (laborer)

Hourly rate: $14.95
Skills required: Ability to follow orders; not sensitive to heat, dust, or crude jokes

Construction work is well paying if you have some experience, but for first-timers, you start at the bottom of the totem pole. It is hard work, and often dirty work. The great thing about it, though, is you get a great workout and a nice tan from it, so that saves you some money in gym and tanning fees.

If you like to work with your hands, it can also teach you some practical skills you can use in the future, though not necessarily as a career.

4# Tutor

Hourly rate: $17.28
Skills required: A slightly higher working knowledge of the subject than your student

If you have suffered in high school because you knew how to insult your tormentors in fluent French or derive a square root, you can now use all those years of being called a nerd to make some serious money.

Tutors can actually make more than $30 an hour, depending on the subject or the desperation of the student to pass the course. Even if you just speak English, you can still make some money online teaching Japanese business people conversational English.

5# Photographer/videographer

Hourly rate: $9.83
Skills required: Point and shoot; good timing

Most people will still hire someone else to take photos or videos of their kid’s bris or wedding, so if you have some good quality photography equipment, you can use your vacation to capture their precious moments and make good money doing it.

You can take on part-time work with an established studio, or freelance it by advertising online or in your community center. It’s not a princely sum, but that doesn’t include tips and free food, plus you go to parties all the time. You can also make some extra money if you do graphic or video editing.

6# Caddie

Hourly rate: $30
Skills required: Golf knowledge; ability to keep a straight face in the presence of all that plaid; agility to duck to avoid flying clubs and flubbed drives

Believe it or not, all those years you had to listen to boring stories about your dad’s prowess on the green and follow him around carrying his clubs on weekends can land you serious green paper in college.

Caddies make as much as $300 on a good day. All you really need to do is walk a whole lot and hand over the right clubs when asked. Of course, there is a lot of competition for this type of gig, so you have to be quick.

7# Model

Hourly rate: $9.84
Skills required: Ability to take direction; penchant for the limelight

Being a model is not as easy as it looks, and it pays peanuts if you have no experience. However, if you have dreams of becoming a ramp model some day, you definitely need to get some exposure, and the pay is just a bonus.

For less serious students, you can still get a gig posing for health magazines and online stores if you fit the profile.  It can be a lot of fun and you can now truthfully say in casual conversation, “Me? Oh, I’m a model.”

8# Personal trainer

Hourly rate: $18.40
Skills required: Working knowledge of fitness routines; soothing and persuasive voice

If you have been going to the gym for years, and reasonably fit, you can parlay that into a job by supervising other people in their fitness routines.  The work is easy since someone else will be sweating it out, although you have to practice diplomacy to make sure your client does the workout.

If it is something, you enjoy doing, you may want to work to get a license in Pilates or yoga, so you can charge more. It is also a good opportunity to network for the future since only the reasonably wealthy can afford a personal trainer.

The Takeaway: Have a Productive Summer

You can spend your summer vacation just wasting time, hanging out or getting in trouble, or you can make some money. As a college student, you are at the cusp of adult life, so you may want to get into the habit of discipline and practicality.

A summer job is not only a good way to make some extra money, but an opportunity to see what kind of work you actually enjoy. Think about getting a good paying summer job this time around and see how you like it. You can always try something else next summer.


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