Today I will be sharing the things to do when stuck at home duting Lockdown.

I usually go out daily for a walk, shopping or simply to meet friends. Usually my family members not allow me to stay outside for long time. So what to do when stuck at home during lockdown?

So, If is there outside then also I will give some excuse to go out. But now things are changed going out is dangerous. So I am sitting at home and watching cartoons with my kid spending a boring life.

Sometimes I feel like sitting on the train at home. Go to restroom comeback and sit, again go to restroom coming and sitting. Same thing doing morning to evening and there will be is no stoppage to go out from the train.

After finishing all the work lot of time will be there. How to utilize that time? Phone is there to talk with friends, but how long you will talk? after some time it will be irritating.

Then after few days one of my friend suggested me to get engaged yourself is something so that I will not feel bored and utilize my time to do something and stay busy.


I started discussing with my friends and family members and realized that there are lot of things we can do at home. 

You are stuck at home during this lockdown. Now lockdown is over you can go out but going is not safe at this time due to covid19. All of us prefer to stay at home. We can do all the household work at home but after finishing all those work you will be thinking about what I should do now. You may have watched movies, news, played with kids, explore the internet, Facebook, cooked food. But after doing all these things you are getting bored with all these things. 

There are plenty of other things you can do at home and keep yourself busy. 

We have listed out things to do at home when bored in Lockdown. These thingsmake you busy and at the same time fun and enjoyable for you.

Things to do when stuck at home

1# Watch Documentary or web series

During this lockdown lot of new web series are released. There are web series in different genres. You can select any web series according to your interest and start watching. Also, you can watch documentary movies and series of discovery channels. You can watch these series in Netflix or amazon prime

2# Upgrade your skills

Most of the time you will be busy in office work or any other work. You will be thinking to upgrade your skill but you cannot do it because of the shortage of time. Now, this is the best time to upgrade your skill as you have a lot of time to spend learning new things.

You can join udemy and start learning any course such as programming, web development, blogging, graphic designing, marketing, and many others. Udemy is a platform where vast verity of professional courses are available. Courses are available in catetgories such as Development, Business, IT & Software, Personal development, Design, Marketing, Health & Fitness and Music. So you have lot of options to choose from.

Grab the discount in your first Udemy course.

3# Play game on mobile or PC

A lot of new games are available for PC and mobile. You can start playing any game. If you start playing a game you will not come to know how time has passed. Also, you can buy PSP, Xbox, or play station for gaming. Games are available categories such as arcade, action, FPS, card, educational, puzzles, role play, and a lot of other categories. 

4# Learn a new language

Learning a new language is always fun and interesting. You can pick any local language and learn or any international language. This may help you in the future. You can communicate with people more effectively if you know their language and you can connect with them.

5# Start reading a new book

Books is always a good friend. Pick a book and start reading. You will learn a lot of new things. There are millions of books in all categories.

Reading books will build your vocabulary; reduce stress, brain exercise,  memory improvement, boost your sleep, increase writing ability and lots more. Studies showed that rich and millionaires used to read daily for at least one hour. You can buy a a hardcover book or a book reader to read book.

Amazon kindle book reader is one of the best book reader available. You can download the book directly in your kindle device and read the book. The best part is that you can store thousands of books in kindle and carry the kindle anywhere. Kindle version of books are usually very cheap as compare to hard copy of book.

6# Make some DIY items using cardboard

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During this lockdown period, all the groceries and household items are mostly purchased online. So there might be a lot of cardboards lying down at home. Instead of throwing those cardboards you can reuse it and make some useful items. You can make a book shelve, storage, or wardrobe organizer, the list is endless.

You can check YouTube to see what all things you can make. Not even using cardboard you can also use your creativity and make something with other waste items. You can involve kids in making this so kids will learn and enjoy. Also, they will be engaged in some useful work and not wasting time in watching TV.

7# Start Painting

If you like painting and not done it for a long time then start doing now. Draw some cool thing and paint it. For people who don’t know how to draw and paint can learn now.

A a lot of spare time is there to sit calmly and use creativity in your painting. Improve your drawing and painting skills. Refer to some books or video tutorials for guidance.

8# Teach your kids

Kids used to get bored at home. They want to go out and play with friends. Now they have to stay at home they will not study on their own. They are not going to school they their routine is not in place. You can make a timetable for them and schedule some timing for study. Sit with them and teach them to give them assignments. This way you can make them disciplined and you will be busy.

9# Cook new recipe

If you don’t know how to cook then learn cooking basic food items. Cook a new recipe and serve it to your family. You will be bored with the daily food prepared at home or the delivery service. Prepare something new for a change in taste. Involve all your family members and divide the tasks.

10# Organize and clean your home

Spend some time in organizing your desk and workplace at home. Kids’ room is the best place to start. They will spread their toys and stuff in the room so organizing all the things should be required. 

11# Start gardening at your terrace or balcony

One of the best things to do while staying at home is to start a terrace garden. You can grow seasonal vegetables, flowers, and herbs. These seasonal vegetables grow fast and you can use these fresh vegetables in your kitchen. Get some pots, soil, manure, and seeds and start gardening. Also, you can re-use old water cans or other boxed for growing the plants. 

12# Learn any musical instrument

During your school days, you might have learned guitar or any other musical instrument. You might have thought of learning an instrument but you didn’t get time earlier. Now you have free time so you can utilize it to learn new instruments.

There are hundreds of music instruments such as guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, flute, cello, bugle, keyboard, violin and many more. To learn, buy a book or course online which explain step by step instructions to learn. Also, there are a lot of YouTube channels teaching different music instruments.

13# Start a blog 

You can start a blog for free in your area of interest or hobby. Start writing and post the articles in your blog and share it with your friends and family. Further, you can use your blog for making money. Monetize your blog with ads or promote products related to your blog and earn passive income. During lockdown, blogging is the best option to make money from home.

15# Start exercise


If you are overweight and fat then this is the best opportunity to lose weight and improve your health. Set a goal and start doing exercise daily to reach your weight loss goal. Now you are eating home-cooked healthy food, it will help you to lose weight fast.

Remove fried food, sugar and high carbohydrate food items from you’re died to lose weight fast. Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet. You can have a keto diet regularly for weight loss as well as a healthy body. Prepare a custom keto diet based on your body height and weight to see the quick results. Utilize this lockdown period to reset your body.

16# Write a book

If you have any interest in writing then use your skills to write an eBook or book and publish it online. There are lots of online platforms where you can sell your book and make some money. This will be a passive income. You might have thought that who will buy it.

But a lot of things which you know other people don’t know and want to learn it. A book will serve the purpose for then. Topic related to your hobby, your city, your technical skills can be a good topic to write an eBook. Select a topic of your interest and start writing.

Do a proofreading of your content and publish it. Learn more about writing and publishing eBooks online to get started.

Read: How to Publish an Ebook: A Simple Ebook Publishing Guide to SELL

17# Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world. 2 billion users used YouTube daily to watch and share videos in almost all the topics. You can use this platform to share your knowledge or anything interesting in the form of video.

During your free time create videos and post it on YouTube. You can create video in topics such as cooking, art and crafts, product reviews, technical skills, health and fitness tips, gadgets, personal vlogging, gaming, and many more. There is a limit of topics you just have to decide based on your interest.

Also, you can make money using YouTube once you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of view. A lot of people are earning millions of dollars using YouTube. You can also grow your channel further and make thousands of dollars by optimizing your YouTube channel.

18# Have a karaoke at home

Are you a music lover and like to sing with your loved ones? You can enjoy karaoke at home. The complete karaoke setup you can do at home without spending any money. Only a few basic things are required such as a microphone, karaoke music, and video. Music and video you can easily get it from YouTube only you have to buy a microphone. After setup, you can enjoy karaoke at home whenever you want.

19# Play a board game with family

The best time pass at home is playing board games. Kids will enjoy board games and also now a lot of games are available for adults. The best part is that multiple people can play board games at the same time. So use your free time to play board games you will not be bored even you will feel interesting and addictive. 

20# Start yoga

Start doing yoga early morning for 10 to 20 minutes for a healthy body and peaceful mind. Do some meditation for some time if you have patients to sit for a long time.

Yoga will have the power to make your body healthy. Practicing yoga daily for small-time is the best way to start the day; you will feel energetic and happy.

Select a few basic yoga asanas such as kapala Bharati and anlome vilom to start with. These 2 asanas has great power to heal the body also.

21# Recharge your social life and call old friends and family members

You might have to miss your childhood friends. You will be remembering them but you never got a chance to call and speak to them. Of course, now WhatsApp and Facebook groups are there in which some of them are active. You will be getting their updates from time to time but you never spoke. Now, this is the time when everyone is at home and they have time to speak and remember the old school days. Pick your phone and call any of your old friends. They will more than happy to receive your call.

22# Make your wish list

Think about the future and create a wish list to add your goals and things you want to buy. Create a wish list of short term and long term plans. This will help you to stay focused on your goals.

Some more thing to do at home:

23# Learn Magic tricks

24# Clean your computer

25# Update your CV

26# Clean and update your phone

27# Play Sudoku

28# Solve crossword

29# Bake cake & biscuits

30# Clean your mailbox

31# Organize your wardrobe

32# Takes pictures of family members

33# Origami

34# Play with kids

35# Make home made pizza

36# Read blogs in Internet

37# Listen to podcast

38# Listen music

39# See a virtual tour

40# Start a weight loss challenge

41# Play a quiz

42# Practice nail art

43# Learn to make cocktails

44# Fix your clothes

45# Start writing dairy daily

46# Learn to code

47# Learn Calligraphy

48# Clean your Fridge

49# Organize your makup kit

50# Play a multiplayer game with friends

51# Play scavenger hunt at home


Spending months at home will be boarding. But with all these things you can keep yourself busy at home and you will not feel like going out.

This list is just the things that triggered in my mind. There are a lot of other things which you can think of and do at your home during your free time.

So stay safe at home and utilize your time in some constructive work.

Thank you for reading my post, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

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