Do you want to pursue your career in video game testing job from home to earn money?

I will provide you Expert game testing tips that will help you to become a beta tester.

You already know that you will be get paid to work as a freelancer using your technical skills. But it looks scam if someone says that you will be paid for playing games instead we have to spend money to buy computer games CDs and pay per hours in game parlors.

During my school days I used to spend hours playing computer games. My parents will be always telling me to stop playing computer games and concentrate on studies. Still I manage to get time to play my favorites game. Once I start playing any game I will be in a different world and I forgot everything. I never thought about making money by playing games. I was happy enough just by getting an opportunity to play games. But lots of people thinking beyond this and make money with their gaming skills apart from just playing game. They used to work full-time part time enjoy the games as well as the money earned through games.

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You will be spending hours in playing games and you love to do that. Think if someone will pay you for doing that.

Video Game Testing Jobs From Home

The fact is that there are ways to make money by playing games. A lot of game development companies needs people to test their games before release. So there is a great opportunity available there for gamers.

You can use your laptop or desktop to play PC games. Lots of games are also using gaming consoles. Some of the popular gaming consoles are Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and PSP. You can use this gaming console to play all type games.

If you are passionate and crazy about video games and you want to utilize your gaming skills to generate cash then you can start playing games for money.

Game testing jobs from home

There are different ways to make money using video games. You can play online games and earn, test unreleased game and get paid or write review for games you have played.

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How much time I need to spend?

From few hours to full day. It depends on your interest. If you are passionate about gaming then you can spend more time. More time you spend more money you can earn.

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Whether I have to spend any money?

Most of the ways are free. As you grow and learn more, you can invest money to grow your earning.

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How much I can earn?

Earning depends on the gaming option you selected and also your gaming skills. It can be from few bucks to 5-6 figure income.

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Game Testing Tips

Go through below video games earning options and select based on your skill and interest.

# Play Games Online

You will be browsing the internet daily and check your Facebook profile daily. Also, you play social games on Facebook daily and get points. There are lots of online gaming sites which will pay you for playing games with their sites. Most of the sites are free to join. Initially, I will suggest you join free sites and learn the process.

These sites have games in different categories Board games, card games, role-play games, first person shooter game, puzzles, multiplayer games etc. Based on your interest you can choose the game and start playing. In most of the sites, you need to win a game or tournament to earn cash. You can play a multiplayer game and win the round to earn cash rewards. Also, some sites will pay you for completing certain levels.

Here’s the list of few sites where you can play online games:









# Participate in Online gaming Tournament

If you are an expert in gaming and you have experience and proficiency in games like Dota 2, Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Halo Starcraft etc then you can participate in the online tournament and win prizes.

Tournament of video games is also known as electronic sports or esports. Games are played among professional gamers and the winner will get a prize. Games can play first person shooter, Multiplayer etc in tournaments.

It will not be so easy to win but if you are a good gamer then you can try it out.

Online gaming tournament is one of the best sources to make a lot of money. You may earn 100$ to five figure income. Participate in some and start making money. Initially, it will not be easy but as you get the experience you will start winning. A lot of gamers are earning nicely. Check out some of the highest earning players in tournaments.

Apart from getting willing amount lot of other benefits, you will get. You may get an offer to work for a gaming company or get a contract to promote games or consoles. Opportunity is endless.

If you want to know more about online gaming tournaments then see the list of electronic sports tournaments.

Also don’t forget to watch this before going to next point.

Free to Play

# Share your Gaming Knowledge

As you already know enough about games and gameplay you can write games reviews. Every week or month there will be a new game released. Play the newly launched games and write a review about the game.

Most of the people read reviews of the games before buying any new game. So if you write a genuine review of any game then people will keep on reading your review and also they will ask you to review any particular game.

To start writing a review first you need to setup your blog or create a website. In your site, you can start writing reviews. Monetize your site and earn cash form ads.

You can also write a review for other sites and get paid for writing review. For each game, you will get a certain amount. Also, you can create eBook of and sell it online.

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# Become a Game Tester

Gets a job at game development or game testing company. Game development/testing company hires game testers before releasing the games in the market to find bugs in games. Though salary will not be much but you will learn a lot.

As a game tester, you will be playing games to find bugs. It might be chances that sometimes you will not like to game which you are testing. You will not be having the choice to choose a game. You have to test the game according to the game assigned.

Earning will increase based on your experience and knowledge. For a good gamer, it’s a great opportunity to work as a game tester and grow a career.

You can also do game testing as a part-time video game testing job from home

using your console or PC. Work directly for gaming companies on hourly basis. Learn the video game tester secret and get game testing job.

Anyone can work as a Video Game Testing Jobs From Home with minimum technical skills. But gamer should know how to fund bugs and how to test a game which is still in development or beta phase.

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You can refer to some of the game testing books to get detailed knowledge on game testing:

If you are already earning using your gaming skills then please share your experience and teach others how to do it. If you like this post then please share it with your friends.


  1. The game tester job is so bored and tired because there are a lot of stress in this job, not an easy task to make money.

    You can play the game, offline or online, depend but you can’t play day over day and you will feeling tired sometime. But the work still there.

    • It depends on interest of person.Playing PC games is passion for some people.
      Lot of people are out there who loves playing games entire day, so for them this job is great. They can play(enjoy) as well as money.



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