Nowadays, people can earn their living without leaving their homes.

All they need is a computer with the Internet connection. We have gathered the best ways of making money online in the world wide web.

ways of making money online

 Here you are:

1. Forex trading

The Forex market is the best one for newbies, as futures, CFDs, stocks are more complicated and need more knowledge of the fundamental analysis.

Still, you can use just the technical analysis on Forex. Moreover, there is an opportunity to master trading for free with the help of a demo account.

You may trade virtual money, it won’t bring you real profits, but will give you experience that is priceless in this sphere.

2. Online business (a shop)

There are a lot of shopping platforms where you can register (and even create your own brand). Everything can be sold.

Choose from your own things that are not in use (some useless souvenir staff that you got as presents and don’t need it anymore) to products labeled by your brand from China that can be resold in the Internet.

There are 2 options for starting your business in the web:

– creating your own independent online shop;

– using a ready-made popular platform such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Craigslist.

In fact, I won’t reveal a secret to you by saying that you can use all that channels simultaneously.

See the below info-graphic in which tips are provided by experts to small e-commerce business owners in order to remain competitive.

3. Bitcoins

This popular cryptocurrency can be used for earning in several ways:

– mining bitcoins;

– buying bitcoins and selling them after it grows;

– trading bitcoins on the market like any other currency pair (for example, the BTCUSD pair).

It’s interesting that many experts believe that bitcoin can rise even more. Don’t you believe it? Remember how it grown this year and the price per 1 bitcoin has overcome the price for one golden ounce!

4. Blogging

In the modern world, information has become the main mean of living. Just look at the amount of time that people spend by perceiving new info every day.

Practically each second! We read world news, professional articles, materials about different hobbies, and just entertainment releases.

Even those people who are not interested in reading itself, follow a couple of blogs of at least someone’s Twitters.

You see, it can be a great deal. If you have a great innovative idea, and know how to pack it more juicy, go on and create a blog!

You can promote peoples’ resources for money on your blog when it becomes popular enough.

5. Casinos

Let’s stop a bit. This point is not my favorite one, and I don’t recommend you to use it in your everyday life. Still, some people manage to earn money there.

It’s risky and unpredictable, so you can lose more than win. Anyway, this way of getting money online exists.

6. Writing reviews for cash

Reputation is the main matter of any businessman. Brand’s image is built with peoples’ feedback.

I bet you won’t buy something in a shop that has poor reviews or even none of them. You always can find an alternative shop with fine reviews and buy that thing there.

That’s why sellers are eager to get more positive reviews. It’s just influence on their audience.
Many of them give you a product for testing or just pay you for writing a review on their item.

I don’t think it’s total cheating, as you test the product anyway and you are free to make any review you want (one-star or five-star).

A high quality of a product is the ‘must have’ for a seller and they know it.

7. Affiliate marketing

It means getting money for new people that you lead to someone’s business. Let’s consider an example.

If there was a person who worked as a trader (as we began with this method), and he wanted to make more money, he could invite someone who wanted to trade too.

A broker would pay the first trader money for this after his “friend” traded 1 lot.

This scheme works in many other businesses connected with sociality.

8. Freelancing

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, – Confucius once said. Have you ever heard this quotation?

Have you ever thought of your hobbies as a source of income?

If not, than google the statistics of how many successful writers, designers and painters are out of there. They do what they really love and make money.

I bet, everyone of you, dear readers, has a talent that can be used for finding a job.

Visit websites as Freelancer, Upwork, etc. to find the job of your life! There is always a plenty of fascinating projects on different topics.

9. Selling photos on stocks

You have a talent, a photo camera and a will to earn money?

Great! What do you think of photo stocks?

I bet you’ve already met such websites in the web.

You can register there, upload your high quality photos and wait until people find and buy them. By the way, it is a nice idea of a passive income.

You upload photos and forget about them. Do nothing except waiting for someone to buy your picture.

10. YouTube videos

If you like videos more than photos and texts, or any other option mentioned here, try yourself on YouTube.

It works the same as a blog, but instead of a text the main instrument is a video. Look for a popular topic, cut thrilling entertaining or educational videos, find your audience.

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And begin to work with advertising after you’ve gathered enough subscribers.

Well, these are all the ways of earning money online, still, they are the easiest and most accessible ones.

What you choose, depends only on you, your interests and skills!

We want to wish you good luck whatever you would choose. Have nice profits! 😉



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