Around two years ago, Xiaomi introduced the original Mi Mix, a true bezel-less smartphone under gorgeous design. It created a trend, just like Samsung, to flood the market with bezel-less and true all-screen design.

With the passage of time, the innovation expanded and now we have Mi Mix 2s, a best bezel-less phone of this year you can buy. The Xiaom Mi mobile continues its design language, which is recognized by the three world-class museums, and the four curved ceramic body is as elegant and splendid as artwork.

After the use of ultra-sensitive dual cameras Sony IMX363 flagship sensor, dark light backlight scene shooting has become better a lot. Up to 8GB memory and 256GB ROM configuration, the Mi mix 2S is impressive.

True All-Screen Design and Great Camera:

The Mi mix 2S, which continues this design language, is designed with a full screen 2.0, and the front of the light is almost entirely screen. Four-curved ceramic body are very attractive, elegant and bright, this is attractive mobile art.

It comes with great camera, ultra-sensitive AI dual camera on the basis of widely praised by users of variable, Mi mix 2S rear camera further upgrades, using the Sony New generation flagship sensor IMX363 (as I said above), pixel size up to 1.4μm, support from the SLR dual pixel full pixel double check technology. Combined with hardware multiple frame noise reduction,

Mi mix 2S in the dark light environment can also be taken out of pure quality, focus fast and accurate. AI technology has also greatly improved the use of Mi mix 2S photography experience. Mi Mix 2S camera can carry out 25 kinds of labels, 206 fine scene intelligent recognition, and provide professional-grade post adjustment.

At the same time, it is specifically for business people to optimize, follow-up OTA upgrade can be photographed when the intelligent identification of PPT, enabling the resolution of multiple frame synthesis, to ensure that the above text amplification is also clearly visible.

Have Mi mix 2S, travel abroad without fear of reading the menu, with a camera can be real-time translation of text and exchange rate conversion.

Through the phone learning hundreds of thousands of self-portraits pictures to establish the model, the Mi mix 2S’s front camera also can distinguish the character and the background accurately, realizes the precise background to blur the function.

Portrait mode photos added AI dream virtual, in portrait mode virtual more can generate dynamic spot, 6 effects randomly selected, pictures, video format optional, to help you bask in a different circle of friends. Hardware software, created a dark light backlight shooting are excellent Mi mix 2S.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s comes Octa-Core processor, based on 10nm LPP process manufacturing. The new Kryo 385 architecture CPU Maximum frequency up to 2.8GHz, performance improvement of 30%.

This chip also carries the strongest mobile GPU Adreno 630 to date, with a 30% increase in performance and a 30% reduction in power consumption. This processor supports the most cutting-edge terminal side artificial intelligence processing, multi-core AI engine allows the AI computing task can be dynamically allocated, compared to the previous generation of product AI performance increased by three times.

Mi mix 2S optional up to 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, the extreme configuration. The new full Netcom 5.0 support dual Double 4G dual volte, dual SIM card can enjoy high-speed Internet access. AI Voice assistant, wireless charging, make life easy Mi mix 2S with “Little Love Classmate”, the complete built-in large acclaim Mi AI speaker capacity, support extinguishing screen wake-up, covering 6 categories of nearly hundred voice operation skills,

whether it is intelligent home remote control, or to find a specific time and place taken photos, follow-up through OTA upgrade can also voice control micro-letter red envelopes.

Give It A Try:

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is packed with a 3400mAh battery with fast charging support. And it supports wireless charging too. It supports 7.5W wireless charging similar to other new smart phones. In the end,

I would like to say that this phone has potential to impress professionals and travelers. What does matter when you think of a new flagship smartphone? It does try to offer all in a best way under an eye-catching bezel-less design.

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